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V2 Released!

New with version 2:

  • Added sound effects
  • Added joystick support
  • Added title screen
  • Fixed a bug where music was glitching while saving highscores


Krakens is a short casual arcade game.

You play as a swimmer who has to clear blocks by swimming all around them while avoiding to collide with krakens.

There are three types of blocks:

  • Diamonds. These count toward the total score
  • Key. Opens a portal to access the next level
  • Algae. Will slow you down
  • Heart. Will add one life

There are 16 levels overall. Good luck!


When using the keyboard, press I, J, K and L to move the swimmer around. 


Krakens is an opensource project and the code is located at https://bitbucket.org/lordblackthorn/kraken/src/master/


kraken_v2.d64 170 kB

Development log


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canny fun Amidar style game. Thanks.

Good game!

Thanks! This is our first game on c64, so we tried to keep it simple.

Small suggestions to make it simpler yet!
- Loader screen: skip by fire button
- Menu: JOY selected by default